Tulashi Vrindavan making from box- home decor ideas DIY

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Materials Needed:

  1. Empty Medicine Box:
    The foundation of your Tulasi Vrindavan will be an empty medicine box. Ensure it’s clean and sturdy, as it will serve as the base for the entire craft.
  2. Blouse Lace:
    Use colorful blouse lace to add a decorative and festive touch to your Tulasi Vrindavan. Choose vibrant colors that resonate with the spirit of Diwali and the sacredness of the Tulsi plant.
  3. Brown Paper:
    Brown paper will be used to cover the exterior of the medicine box, giving it a rustic and earthy appearance. This material provides a canvas for your creativity and enhances the overall aesthetic.
  4. White Color:
    White color, preferably acrylic or poster paint, will be used to draw the auspicious symbol of Swastik on the brown paper covering. The Swastik symbol holds cultural significance and is often associated with positive energy.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Prepare the Medicine Box:

Clean the empty medicine box thoroughly. Remove any labels or residue to create a clean surface for your craft.

2. Cover with Brown Paper:

Cut the brown paper to fit the exterior of the medicine box. Use glue or double-sided tape to affix the paper, ensuring a smooth and even covering. This step not only adds texture but also provides a base for further decorations.

3. Draw and Paint Swastik:

With white color, carefully draw the Swastik symbol on the front of the covered medicine box. The Swastik is a symbol of auspiciousness and well-being in Hindu culture. Take your time to ensure clean lines and symmetry.

4. Decorate with Blouse Lace:

Use the colorful blouse lace to adorn the edges of the medicine box. You can glue the lace in a pattern or wrap it around the box for a charming and intricate look. The contrast of vibrant lace against the brown paper creates a visually appealing effect.

5. Create a Tulsi Plant Space:

Designate a section on the top of the box to represent the sacred space for the Tulsi plant. You can use additional brown paper to create a raised platform or simply leave it flat.

6. Add Personal Touches:

Feel free to add personal touches to your Tulasi Vrindavan. This could include small decorative elements, beads, or even additional paintwork. Let your creativity flow as you infuse your craft with your unique style.

7. Place the Tulsi Plant:

Once your Tulasi Vrindavan is complete, place a potted Tulsi plant in the designated space. Ensure the plant is secure and well-supported within the crafted structure.

Your handmade Tulasi Vrindavan, crafted from an empty medicine box with blouse lace decoration, brown paper covering, and a Swastik symbol, is now ready to be a centerpiece of spiritual significance and artistic beauty in your home. This DIY project not only celebrates the essence of Diwali but also showcases the potential for creativity within sustainable and recycled materials.

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