Makar Sankrant Special Rangoli 2024

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Significance of Makar Sankranti in Hindu Religion:

Makar Sankranti is a popular and important Hindu festival celebrated in India with much enthusiasm and joy. It marks the transition of the sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn (Makar) on its celestial path. This auspicious day is considered a symbol of new beginnings and is observed on January 14th or 15th every year.

The Story Behind Makar Sankranti:

The festival of Makar Sankranti is rooted in ancient Hindu mythology. It is believed that on this day, the Sun God visits the house of his son, Lord Shani (the ruling deity of Capricorn) and forgives any past misunderstandings or conflicts between them. This signifies the end of the harsh winter and the beginning of warmer days, which brings joy to people.

Puja Vidhi (Rituals and Worship):

  1. Clean and Decorate: On the morning of Makar Sankranti, clean the house thoroughly and decorate it with flowers, rangoli (decorative designs), and colorful decorations.
  2. Take an Early Bath: Take a holy bath in a river, lake, or any sacred water body to cleanse yourself spiritually.
  3. Wear New Clothes: Dress up in new or traditional clothes to embrace the festive spirit.
  4. Offer Prayers to the Sun: At sunrise, face the east and offer prayers to the Sun God. Fold your hands and express gratitude for the warmth and light the Sun provides.
  5. Light a Diya: Light a lamp or diya using cow ghee or sesame oil, and place it facing the east as an offering to the Sun God.
  6. Perform Surya Namaskar: You can do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), a series of yoga postures dedicated to the Sun, to honor and connect with the Sun’s energy.
  7. Prepare Special Food: On this day, prepare traditional dishes like sesame seeds (til) laddoos, gur (jaggery) sweets, khichdi, and various regional delicacies to share with family and friends.
  8. Donating and Charity: It is considered auspicious to donate food, clothes, or other essentials to the needy and underprivileged.
  9. Fly Kites: In many parts of India, people fly kites to celebrate the festival. It is a fun activity that symbolizes reaching new heights in life.

Rangoli for Makar Sankranti:

Makar Sankranti special rangoli is a beautiful and colorful art form made on the floor, usually at the entrance of homes, during festivals. For Makar Sankranti, you can create a rangoli inspired by the Sun, kites, flowers, or other traditional motifs. Here’s a simple design idea:

Materials Needed for Makar Sankranti Special Rangoli:

  • Rice flour or colored powders
  • Colored chalk or pencils for outlining (optional)
  • Small bowls to hold the colors
  • A clean floor or ground space

Steps to Make a Makar Sankranti Rangoli:

  1. Choose a Design: You can draw a circular shape at the center to represent the Sun. Around it, add small triangles to symbolize kites and other geometric patterns for decoration.
  2. Outline the Design: If you prefer, use colored chalk or pencils to create the outline of your rangoli design on the floor.
  3. Fill in Colors: Take the colored powders (or rice flour mixed with food colors) and fill in the different sections of the rangoli. You can use various shades of yellow, orange, blue, and green.
  4. Add Details: Once you’ve filled in the main areas, add finer details using white or contrasting colors. You can create small borders, dots, or patterns to enhance the rangoli.
  5. Complete the Design: Continue filling in colors and adding details until your rangoli design is complete.
  6. Light Lamps or Diyas: For an added touch, place small lamps or diyas around the rangoli to make it look even more beautiful during the evening.

Remember, the most important thing about creating a rangoli is to have fun and let your creativity shine!

Makar Sankranti is a vibrant and joyous festival that celebrates the warmth of the Sun and new beginnings. It is a time for family gatherings, delicious food, and flying kites. By following the simple puja vidhi and making Makar Sankranti special rangoli designs, you can join in the festive spirit and appreciate the significance of this auspicious day in Hindu culture. So, enjoy Makar Sankranti with enthusiasm and embrace the positive energy of the Sun God!

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